Laughter In the First Degree!



It’s been three years since the ghosts came to visit Scrooge and he is a changed man. He is making up for all that he has missed in life and we’re not just talking charity work. He is living La Vida Loca, baby, with expensive wine, fast women, and way too much song! Huzzah! He is throwing money around like a lottery winner in Vegas! Bob Cratchit, nephew Freddy, and the rest of the Scrooge gravy train have to stop him soon or they are all headed for the Poor House. Join us for Scrooge’s Third Annual Holiday Bash and raise a glass to old Fezziwig (but try not to be the one who goes face down in the Figgy Pudding). Cheers!
Beardslee Castle
Little Falls, NY
December 3, 10, 11, and 18
***All performances are sold out but please keep checking with the venue in case a reservation cancels.