Laughter In the First Degree!

Central New York

My Dead Lady


Professor Barry Biggins has a problem. Azalia Dimwittle has completely failed every attempt to elevate her from Cockney flower girl to aristocratic lady. She simply hasn’t gotten it, never will get it, and now everyone has just about had it. To make matters worse, she’s invited you and the rest of her conniving family over to the Professor’s house for her father’s birthday party. By George, I think she’s going to get it (if she doesn’t get them first).
July 14
August 4, 11, and 25
The Spaghetti Warehouse
Syracuse, NY
Deadly Inheritance


The Matriarch of a wealthy family is gravely ill and wishing to settle her estate. First, her long lost younger son must be declared officially dead. That’s where the fun begins! Join in as you and the other intensely greedy relatives gather to memorialize “Little Dickie” and battle for position to receive the lion’s share of the family’s $13 billion fortune. Be careful at this gathering, however, the next memorial could be for you.
Friday, August 26
Friday, September 30
Beardslee Castle
Little Falls, NY
A Tomb With A View


The Mega-corporation Arrested Developments has come to the old Possum Estate, sight of the tragic mining disaster oh, so many years ago, with the desire to turn it into a shopping mall. This has caused great concern among those living on (and below) the estate. In fact, the zombie descendants of the miners trapped in the disaster have hired a lawyer and plan a class-action lawsuit. The local newspaper is going to have a field day with this one. Gather around, good townsfolk, and let the battle begin!
September 22 and 29
October 13 and 27
The Spaghetti Warehouse
Syracuse, NY
Homestyle Homicide


The Freagan Family Reunion

Come a runnin’, cousins, ’cause it’s time again for the annual family reunion and the whole Freagan family is gonna be there! We’re gonna have vittles, singin’, hootin’ and hollerin’ and, of course, no family gathering would be complete without the annual pig-calling contest! Dang, you might even win a big ol’ slop bucket full of money! Yeehaw! Best watch your step on the farm this year, though. Pa’s been hitting the moonshine a might too hard and is about to lose the farm to that no good snake, Beauregard Hogwallerin! When the girls find out, somebody could end up on the barbecue!
Friday, September 23
The Bourbon Barrel
17 Culvert Street
Phoenix, NY