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    C.J. Young
  • Death Takes a Cruise
  • Death on Exhibit (Montana Smith and the Curse of the Golden Crocodile)
  • Castle Crime
  • Who Kidnapped Christmas
  • Death Goes Live
  • The Y-Files: Where are the Cows?
  • Hello: My Name is Death
  • Abra-ca-death
  • No Time for Death
  • All for One and One for Death
  • Die Another Death
  • Death Warmed Over
    Bob Greene
  • Deadly Inheritance
  • Homestyle Homicide: the Freagan Family Reunion
  • Big Louie and the Gang that couldn't Think Straight
  • The Strange Case of Sheik Yerbuti
  • Pirates of the Yuletide
  • Nick Saint, Private Elf
  • My Dead Lady
  • Florence of Moravia
  • The Sound of Murder (or: How do you solve a problem like Maria?)
  • A Wee Bit O' Murder
  • Low Noon
  • Fiddler on the Loose
  • A Dickens of a Death
    Edward Mastin
  • Rhymes With Death
  • Death Joins the Club
  • Hijacked Holiday
  • Dead Meat
  • Death on the Range
  • Harry Crocker and the Saucerer's Stove
    Dan Stevens
  • Dead Pull Hitter
  • Poetic License to Kill
  • Triple Jeopardy
  • A Tomb with a View
  • A Death of Their Own
    Len Fonte
  • I'm Fred, I'm Dead
  • Kill Gary, Kill Ross
    Kara Greene
  • Bad Kitty: A Holiday Whodunnit
    Tracy Martin
  • Terminal Hospital
    Mark Allen Holt
  • Death Takes a Bow
  • Deadline: Kent Clark, Mild-mannered Reporter
  • Murder Most Faire
    Jon Wilson
  • A Spoonful of Poison

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