Laughter In the First Degree!

Hudson Valley


Pirates of the Yuletide

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Avast ye, maties! It be Christmas time in the year 1757 in Merry Olde England. The scuttlebutt is that all the famous pirates of the day be gathering down by the docks at London’s infamous Finch and Pickle Tavern. ‘Tis true, me hardies, and they be cooking up the most dastardly deed of all time. Come the tide, they be sailing to the North Pole to kidnap old Saint Nick himself! Hold on to your parrot, bucco. This meeting could get rowdy!
Friday, December 17th
Hyde Park, NY
Christmas Cookies

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of food, fun, and drink this holiday season! ACME performs at many venues and cannot issue our own gift certificates but contact the venue where you would like to have your friends and loved ones see the show and the venue will be glad to help you. You may purchase gift certificates in any amount you like in case you want to cover dinner and show as well as a drink or two!