Mystery Mansion

The Ravenloon Scenario

Enter the residence of the recently deceased 1890s robber baron, Cornelius D. Ravenloon, for an interactive mystery dinner theater where you search for clues that will enable you to uncover which of his three daughters he has designated to lead his vast empire. Players investigate several sections of his mansion searching for the combination to a briefcase where the eccentric, some say mad, Ravenloon kept his will. You must solve puzzles, inspect clues, and work with other players to obtain information. Players will also have a chance to meet his three daughters along with his butler, personal physician, and estate lawyer who hold information critical to answering the question: Who will control the Ravenloon Empire? Mystery Mansion is a format created to incorporate current health and safety guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change and Mystery Mansion is designed to change with them. All performers are fully vaccinated.

September 16th, 23rd, and 30th

The Spaghetti Warehouse
Syracuse, NY
$39.99 plus tax and gratuity
FOR RESERVATIONS: 315-475-1807
Call after 4pm