Laughter In the First Degree!

Private Shows


We are available for private functions such as company parties, fund-raisers, and social events and can perform for any audience of 50 or more. Most spaces where the audience can be seated and able to see and hear the same things at the same time will work well. No stage is required as we are interactive and our five actors move throughout the audience. However, if the group exceeds 175 persons a stage and microphones would be necessary. Pricing depends upon the size of the group and any travel requirements. Contact us for a quote or with any questions. References are available upon request.

The following schedule is based on dinner being served at 8:00 and lasting one hour. Dinner can be at any time, but this will give you an idea of the relative running time of the show.

  • 6:30 Actors arrive and set up the room with programs, clues, etc. Salads and breads are placed.
  • 6:50 Actors exit room and the audience is seated. Food and drink orders are taken.
  • 7:00 Actors re-enter in character for an improvisational mingle with the audience. It’s OK if orders are still being taken and dishes bussed, the actors will work around this. However, this must be completed by 7:30.
  • 7:30 The scripted portion of the first act begins. This runs until just before 8:00 when a crime is committed. The body is removed and all actors exit.
  • 8:00 Dinner is served. (Don’t forget to feed the actors. They get cranky.)
  • 9:00 All dishes are bussed and the actors return with Act Two. At the end of this act, the audience is given a chance to guess who done it.
  • 9:20 The actors return with Act Three and wrap up the show. This is followed by a brief awards ceremony where the three best guesses and the three worst guesses are given certificates of achievement. The host of the event may want to take this moment to give away prizes as well (promotional items, champagne, etc.).
  • 9:40 Depending on the audience and the length of dinner, the show will end around now.